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Travelling in America

What to bring/wear

As the seasons change, so does our bodies needs for appropriate clothing. Wild School is entirely outdoors allowing children to experience the wonders of our natural world throughout the changing seasons. To come best prepared and equipped please carefully check the recommendations below.

Wild School Kit

Please encourage your child to pack their own bags as part of developing responsibility and self care skills in the outdoors. However, you may still need to double check.

You will need the following things (all packed inside your backpack):

  • a spare pair of shoes (closed toe)

  • a complete change of clothing (include 2 pairs of socks, undies, trousers, thermal

top and thermal trousers, warm outer layer, extra winter gloves and warm hat)

  • your lunch box (please fill it with lots of nourishing food) *

  • your water bottle (filled with water) *

  • a wet-bag (big enough for a complete change of wet clothing to be packed into)

  • an empty plastic bag (for wet/muddy shoes)


You will need to wear:

  • Gumboots or waterproof hiking boots

  • Thick socks

  • Warm base layer of clothing – thermal trousers, thermal top

  • Warm outer layer – trousers, a warm fleece or jacket (not denim)

Check the weather.  You will need to wear OR bring in your bag:

  • Warm hat & Sunhat

  • Gloves

  • Waterproof trousers

  • Waterproof jacket

Please leave all valuables at home, including anything that can get damaged by water/sand/mud.

Please note …

* Lunch boxes
Please pack lots of healthy food.  Being active outdoors builds up a big appetite.  Pack enough food for morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack.  Please remove and recycle unnecessary packaging, as all rubbish is carried out in lunchboxes.

* Water bottles

We have a water only policy.  Please ensure your water bottle is filled and named!

Name gear

Please name it all!  That means it’ll find its owner.

This is all part of exploring and discovery.  Please expect it to come home in the wet-bag, along with a child that has a full, happy heart and tons of memories!

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