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Whakatipu Wild School Charitable Trust is a registered charity that is dedicated to providing children of the Whakatipu region (Queenstown, NZ), opportunities to experience the holistic benefits of play & learning through nature. We currently do this through our One Day School programme developed for primary aged children. Our programmes are focused on nurturing the developing mind, body and spirit whilst also fostering positive skills and attitudes towards learning and discovery about our worlds, using our unique Wonder & Wellness curriculum.

Our Nature Educators leading, and facilitating our programmes have a rich variety of qualifications, strengths, many years of teaching experience and all share the passion and beliefs of the positive impacts of replacing
the four walls of the classroom with beautiful landscapes alive with learning waiting to be discovered. 

We believe that every child deserves a place to play, learn & belong, where their wellbeing is nurtured and their wonders celebrated

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our community with play
and educational programmes, workshops and
community events that enable the discovery 
of the holistic benefits of learning in nature.
Our goal is to provide children with a place to belong and learn about themselves, each other and the world around them, in a pressure and screen free environment. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Nurture wonder & wellness in children of Whakatipu

Our Values

WWS is built on the foundation of three core values that have been proven to transect time, culture and circumstance. We believe these core values underpin a meaningful existence. We believe that when we develop these core values, we can live continually growing in wonder and wellness.

Being Curious.

Demonstrating Courage.

Living with Care.

Read our full values statement here

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